Why shop local?

Is buying local really a big deal? Consider this, just 10% of your spending shifted to locally owned businesses has the ability to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional tax revenue. Not only that, shopping local helps generate and sustain jobs, support families, and keeps our community unique.

Support you! and your Neighbors! Studies indicate that buying local has a substantially positive impact on our community and our tax base. Invest in your community, participate in local events and help spread the awareness of noble missions.

Help our community thrive, locally owned businesses fuel each other. They create jobs, reduce waste and have a friendlier ambiance. It also helps put your taxes to better use.

If you don’t use them you’ll lose them… Diverse-coexisting economies flourish, and are more stable with the ability to adapt. It’s all about a collective effort because we are in this together and it’s our responsibility to continue to cultivate a better future for society.

We hope you enjoy the experience, Eat Drink Shop, Live LOVE Local

-Your RVA Team

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