Risk-Free Fundraising for Organizations

Fundraising is rarely ever fun… for some nonprofits, it actually costs more money and adds a ton of stress to the lives of the founders, executive directors, and fundraising chairpersons in organizations.

Enter the RVA Card.  We can provide no cost fundraising to you and provide create marketing solutions to help you get the word out.  Use our network and experience to help your organization launch a successful campaign.

As a father of 4 kids, I have had to do my fair share of fundraising with cookie dough, wrapping paper, cookies, popcorn…  you name it.  At this point, I’m embarrassed to ask people, like my neighbors, family, friends, and wife’s coworkers to purchase those types of items for extremely inflated prices.

The RVA Card saves families and individuals so much money throughout the course of the year when they visit places they love. And the RVA Card makes the perfect gift for those that live in RVA or just coming to visit.  

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