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Hostelling International (HI) is the only global network of Youth Hostel Associations. Located in some of the world’s most inspiring locations, the HI network offers 4,000 unique hostels in 90 countries worldwide. All our hostels meet assured standards, which guarantee a range of good quality safe accommodation, in friendly surroundings at affordable prices. From a tree house in Norway to a castle in Scotland, Hostelling International offers:

‘The real hostel experience!’
HI is a non-profit membership organisation, with a proud history and a relevant philosophy. For us, HI hostels are much more than just a place to stay. They are about discovering new places, learning about new cultures and making lifelong friendships. With more than four million members worldwide HI is one of the largest youth membership organisations in the world.

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7 North Second Street Richmond, VA 23219
37.54220919999999, -77.44199370000001

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