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Chesterfield United Soccer Mission Statement
CUFC purpose is to help players reach their soccer excellence regardless of their families financial situation through-
A structured player development curriculum that includes the 4 pillars of player development
Qualified, educated coaches
Expert Directors who can carry out the club’s mission and vision
Quality facilities
Beneficial, educational, technical programs for every player

Technical Vision
Create technically superior players than our competition
Have technical based training programs/education/curriculum for our grass roots players through to our travel players
Create intrinsically motivated players who practice at home
Create superior soccer savvy players with good brains who can think the game, make good decisions and play attractive soccer because they are put in a challenging environment
To compete in every game regardless of score-in our favor or not

Administrative Vision
Create an overall good experience for the customer through every step of the process from uniforms to registration to travel player paperwork.
Create an environment where communication and knowledge are the backbone for success

Political Vision
Create a board of influential community members who are willing to embrace the direction the club is going-willing to ask questions but not question the Technical Staff in terms of the “soccer” direction and trust that the technical staff has the club’s players and memberships best interest in mind at all times.

Parental Vision
Have a group of parents who support their players, who are willing to sacrifice for their player, and also support the club and team they belong to.  They have the right tools and skill set to help their player achieve their goals without being a destructive piece in the club’s player development model.

Our address

6144 Brad McNeer Parkway Midlothian, VA 23112
37.4156834, -77.62777249999999

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