Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I use my RVA Card?

A. That is our favorite – check out the map and you can see the hundreds of locations it is accepted.  Not a good enough answer?  OK, click on the “SAVE” tab, then click on Eat, Drink, Live, or Shop to see participating businesses in those categories.  We are constantly adding and changing  businesses, so check back often!

Q. How do I get an RVA Card?

A. Click the “BUY CARD” tab and select how many cards you want. Pick which fundraiser you want to support so they get up to 75% of the sale.

Q. How do I get my business or fundraiser/nonprofit listed?

A. Start by clicking on the “ADD BUSINESS” or “FUNDRAISE” tab and fill out the web form.

Q. As an individual or a business, can I make lots of money selling RVA Cards?

A. Sure! We are here to support you and/or your organization.  Email our team at – to find out how you can get special bulk card pricing or sell cards on “consignment”.

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