We love to save. We think you do too.  So we created the RVA Card so you (and we) save each time you visit one of the hundreds of participating locations.

Just show your RVA Card at the time you make a purchase to save money.

No matter where you are, ask “What do I get with my RVA Card?” – you never know, you might be surprised with a special deal!

When we sell cards online, we give up to 75% of the sale to the charity or fundraiser you select at the time of checkout.  Are you looking for a fundraiser that has no start-up costs?  Just click the FUNDRAISE tab to get started. Check out the dozens of groups that have already participated on the SUPPORT tab.

We exist to not only help consumers save when they shop locally, and nonprofits raise money, but also to help businesses acquire and retain customers. If you are a business owner, you can have a FREE partnership.  Yep, FREE.  Just click the ADD BUSINESS tab. Over 190 businesses have already signed up, what do you have to lose?  Did we mention its FREE?

We are a locally and family owned business with tremendous support from other local businesses and friends.  We operate a very lean shop, so we can afford to give most of our proceeds to local charities and give out lots of free stuff to help those that are pursuing noble missions. Please support us by joining our network, buying a card, or just helping spread the word about our little company.

Contact us at YourRVATeam@gmail.com to chat.

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